Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Patterns Alert

For those who haven't read Connie's blog lately or who, like me, who just need a not-so-gentle reminder, the Russian site, Lekala Patterns, is offering free downloads of ALL their patterns for the entire month of September.

However, the downloads are only available in 42 or 44, but still, that's a load of free patterns, even if you have to fiddle with the sizing a bit. They claim their sizes are equivalent to BWOF sizing, so since I'm generally a 38 (knit) or 40 (woven) in BWOF, I don't think tinkering with some of these will be too much of a stretch.

And there are some interesting patterns for download. Quite a few dresses caught my eye, a few blouses, some skirts . . . the pants were remarkably unexciting, but that's probably okay because BWOF has the best fit for me anyhow, and if it's not broken, I really shouldn't attempt fixing it.

The pattern PDFs download quickly (even on my clunky computer) and most - though not all - have instructions written in English.

I've already downloaded about 10 patterns.

Have at it, ladies, September will be over before you know it.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm so done with reading about these free downloads because green just doesn't go with the new clothes I made. I'm not sure I'm up to resizing more patterns right now, even though they do have some cute dresses with interesting details...why can't anyone give away some free plus size patterns!

Vicki said...

Love the patterns but grading down to 34/36 would be too much work (or impossible?). But am hoping you downloaders make some up to let us know how they go. They are so cute I would be happy to pay for them :))

Gail said...

Thanks for the tip off. 44 is my size, but I worry about what I may have downloaded (spyware imbedded in the files?)

vespabelle said...

I am making one of these dresses for the pr LBD contest. The armhole is FREAKING AMAZING! Seriously, easiest armhole to put in, EVER!

I graded my pattern up pretty easily. (only going up 2" though.)

BeccaA said...

I just made a test version of one of these. Despite the heading saying that they have 2 free sizes, they actually have a third free size. Just under the picture of the item, above size 42 and 44 they have the mysterious "DOWNLOAD Pattern on fixed size", and if you click the pdf link next to it there is the pattern in size 36, including seam allowances. The patterns seem really well drafted.

Anonymous said...

Some of the patterns are on modern sewing for download in S/M/L/XL (and a very few XXXL Carolyn) sizes. I haven't tried those yet since the 44 seems to fit me pretty well but I did find that sometimes the translation was slightly better.

I recommend the "red slip" 5241 if anyone is looking for lingerie.

Connie said...

Hey thanks for the linkup! I will need to take another look at the patterns before months end to see what else I need to download! I love your choices.