Friday, November 5, 2010

Month End Review - October 2010

October was a good month.

By the numbers it might not have been my most productive, but I was happy with everything that came out of the workroom, and that doesn't always happen.

First off was the appliqued linen skirt, probably my favorite piece of the entire month, and one that will definitely make my year end list this year. I LOVE that skirt.

Vacation intervened in the sewing a little, but on the other hand, it did cause me to finally reline my navy blue pea coat I bought at the thrift store last year. Which would not have happened if I hadn't ripped the lining out the week before we left for Belgium, forcing me to do it.

Hey, whatever works, right?

I also knocked out yet another KS 3338 tshirt, this time in a solid (which hardly happens in my wardrobe), but with ruffles (which also hardly ever happen in my wardrobe. So that's a nice change.

I also finished 8 pieces for the craft show, less than I wanted, but I was getting to the point of wanting to put all the craft show stuff in a trash can and set it on fire, so I decided a break was in order. The break was cutting out and starting the plaid-and-leather jacket, which is near completion.

By the end of the weekend, the jacket will be done and reviewed, and I'll be back to craft show sewing again. Thankfully submissions are due by December 9th, so there's an end in sight.

Just think, last year I welcomed the craft show sewing because it gave me a focus while dealing with my aunt's drama; this year, since the dust has settled, I keep thinking of so many other things I'd rather be sewing.

Including - maybe - a few Christmas presents this year. Maybe. I'd still rather sew for me.


Anonymous said...

I really like the aqua shirt - hope you're flattered when I say I'm going to copy it!

Michelle said...

The skirt is my favorite, too! You have had a productive month. I started out well at the end of October, but have done nothing at all since November hit. I hope to get back into the groove this weekend!

Irene said...

I absolutely love that skirt. It's a real statement piece.