Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Sewing Space

Happy Thanksgiving to all - I'm shortly to family dinner, but I wanted to note that Denise of the Blue Gardenia blog has posted my sewing space, for anyone who is curious about the messy world where all my projects come from.

And yes, I got what I wanted when I wanted it. The new machine is happily installed where the old machine was, and it's very happy to be among friends. No learning curve with buying the exact same machine, but I didn't realize how beat mine was - everything on the new one is still nice and firm, the foot pedal isn't mushy at all, and there are no dust bunnies in the interior.

Long weekend ahead, and much sewing planned. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy sewing, to all,


Anonymous said...

I love the trunk that you have. My Dad refurbishes old trunks and I have one that looks like yours but it is red! Enjoy your new machine!

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Having a sewing space, even a small sewing space, is wonderful isn't it?
And, a Calico cat too :-)

Anonymous said...

hey! we have the same sort of kitty (at least the fur color/pattern!) :)