Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Month End Review - December 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

December was eaten up by 2 types of sewing: holiday (to be expected) and our seat of the pants decision to get married in January, bringing about some hasty wedding-type sewing.

All in all, I made 14 pieces in December, but only used up something in the area of 17 yards of fabric (craft show items and gifts are pretty small).

The small ticket items: 6 beaded velvet scarves for the craft show, and 3 turtlenecks from the BWOF September issue, one for me, one for Mario's sister, and one for my housemate. One was navy, one was gray and one was purple, but they were all sewn with black thread, so I could knock them out in an evening.

One of my favorites was the dress I made for a friend to give as a baby gift - I'm really enjoying making the small stuff, and it fits in with my thrift store / recycling ethic. And it's cute!

The Lazy Girl Gracie handbag for my soon-to-be mom-in-law was made from remnants of several previous projects, including her 2006 Christmas bag. (She liked it it and wore it out; why re-invent the wheel?)

And drumroll, . . . the Tiffany blue french-cuffed wedding shirt for him, and the dress and jacket for me, which is as yet only being seen in pieces. I promise, I promise, there will be real photos of both pieces soon.


Sarah C said...

The shirt for Mario looks great! My husband has been begging me for ages to make him some dress shirts. What pattern did you use for it?

velosews said...

Wow. Look forward to updates.