Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost Weekend

Is it really a lost weekend when you did a bunch of stuff you enjoyed, but also a lot more that you'd have preferred not to? And in any case, got none of the stuff done that you needed or wanted to? If that's your definition, then I lost my weekend.

We had dinner with friends on Friday night - long-planned and long anticipated. They're the ones I made the ridiculous pink velvet Easter dress for, and I haven't seen the baby since her christening, so she's 7 months old now and a whole different kid. We were entertained by her and her mom, and well fed by her dad, and we didn't get home until nearly midnight.

Saturday morning, instead of our usual quick breakfast and trip to the farmer's market before settling in to do Saturday house and garden chores, we went downtown to have brunch with Mario's sister and her boyfriend, who were in town. Very nice food, nice time, and at least there's a farmer's market on Rittenhouse Square (better than ours, actually) where we still did some of our Saturday shopping. I'd also promised to grab a cup of coffee with a friend on Saturday afternoon - a little girl time is a necessity and we hadn't gotten together in almost 3 weeks. It started to cloud over while we were out, so when I came home I got about a half hour of gardening done before the skies opened. Considering how dry it had gotten, I wasn't really going to complain. A good rainstorm refilled both my rain barrels, so I'm ready for the next dry spell.

The next part of my lost weekend was entirely my fault. I sat down with a book and fell in. We've been watching Game of Thrones on HBO and a friend lent me the first book of the series. I was gone for about 2 hours, or until it was time to have dinner. By that point, we were both so wiped out from running around that we didn't get off the couch for the rest of the night, and I read some more.

Max - another reason for not getting things done
Sunday involved a visit to my aunt. She's fresh out of 3 weeks of rehab and feeling about as pleasant as a pit viper at all the child-proofing that had to be done to her apartment to make it safe for her. No throw rugs, no piles of slippery pillows on chair seats, no minefield of rickety folding TV tray tables strewn everywhere. She has a deep and abiding love of folding tray tables, but in a 500 square foot apartment, do you really need 8 of them? I also got rid of her favorite (50 year old) chair and replaced it with a recliner with a mechanized seat that helps her get up. (She hates it).

At least she's on better behavior with Mario there, so I got off relatively unscathed, and some other people dropped in at the same time so she really couldn't lash out. Yay! On our way home (mid-afternoon by that point), we stopped and did the rest of the grocery shopping, got home, put it away, and went to visit a neighborhood friend whose mother-in-law had died this week. It was the next to last night of shiva and we wanted to stop by, and I knew there was very little chance I'd get there on Monday night.

Now that it's Monday, I'm even more sure. Tonight, between getting home and going to bed, we've dealt with the trash, recycling, 2 loads of laundry, making dinner, doing a little work in the garden, finishing that book so I can give it back tomorrow and, you guessed it, NO SEWING. Maybe tomorrow.

Cross your fingers for me, okay?


Unknown said...

I had the same kind of weekend - lost and no sewing! But, I also watch Game of Thrones and have long been a fan of the books. I'm also re-reading the series (heh, just one more thing to get for my color Nook!)

Reethi said...

I got halfway through Game of Thrones, and then had to stop, I knew bad things were going to happen, and didn't want to know... That's both hilarious and sad, I think.

I've had weekends like that - sounds like you atleast had a bit of fun - which is what counts, right?

Connie said...

Reading time is so decadent for me! A guilty pleasure that I generally save for Sundays after church! I 'll put Game of Thrones on my reading pile, and think of you while reading it!!

Kyle said...

LOVE the pix of Max, esp. the one with his paws up in the air!!!