Thursday, June 2, 2011

Month End Review - May 2011

Despite (or because of) my 3 days spent with the wonderful women of Patternreview, May was an oddly productive month. Not everything has made its way completely out of the sewing room yet, but I'm going to list them here because unlike my recent UFO streak, these garments will be finished.
5 garments, 10.5 yards of fabric out of stash for the month (interestingly, that's just about how much fabric I bought in Chicago, so I may break even for May).

First off, I had to make another shirt for Mario out of the black and white stock market print. Andrea made a fabulous skirt out of the same fabric which she will review eventually.
I'm still working on Vogue 5382, the stripe/gingham dress. I had issues and had to take it apart because no matter how I maneuvered the fabric using their layout, I couldn't get the stripes to line up and it was making me batshit. So I just cut the skirt off last night and I'm piecing it together with what little remnants I have and I'm just going to pleat it on the dress form so that I can make it line up where I want. I don't need no stinking Vogue layout. Not if I want it to work, anyway. A perfectly made dress that I won't wear is less useful than an imperfectly made dress that I will wear.

For some reason, the new June Burda mag hit me hard. I made 2 pieces almost immediately, the #120 tshirt (to compare to my TNT KS 3338 shirt), and the #120 A-line shift dress. Which I promise, will be shown on me, or at least on the dress form, when it comes out of the laundry basket. Both of these projects were ridiculously quick and easy, and made me feel like I got a lot more done than I did.

The last project is almost completed, and I'll post a photo and full review soon.  During the madness that was the PR Weekend pattern swap, I managed to snag a man's pattern with a short sleeve shirt (I know, like I need one of those) and cargo shorts.  Now those, I need.  Or rather, he needs.  It's an interesting pattern with a new fly front technique I hadn't tried before.  Turning out very well, except that I really should have measured him before attaching the cargo pockets.  His height is mostly in his upper body, so I'm afraid at this point that the pockets might be longer than the shorts!  But that's what wearable muslins are for.  If I shorten the pockets and reattach them, he'll be none the wiser and I'll know better next time.

There is still inspiration brewing from PR Weekend, and a very specific project that I was hit by today which has nothing to do with PR Weekend. More to come on that one when the idea has jelled a little bit more in my head.


Audrey said...

It sounds like the Chicago PR weekend was bigger and better than last years Phili PR weekend. I agree, those get togethers are always so inspiring. You are one of the few bloggers who liked the patterns in the June Burda issue. I liked the gathered front top/dress. That is a neat shirt you made for your husband.

Shirley said...

I love your blog, not only for its information but also for your writing style. I always feel as though we are chatting face to face.Can you tell me where you found the newsprint fabric. My friend may be interested.

Andrea said...

Mario's shirt turned out great and you know I love the fabric since I made my skirt for PR Weekend with the same fabric.

You were on a roll this past month with the yardage you used in making garments. I really like the June issue of Burda. There are some nice staple pieces in the issue.

Rose said...

I love Mario's shirt - great fabric! I'm another one that liked the June Burda. It's great to have some simple projects on the list! How did the #120 tshirt compare to your TNT?