Sunday, June 26, 2011

Works in Progress

It was pretty much a non-sewing week.  Work's been busy, and when I get home all I want to do is either crash on the couch or work outside until I'm too tired to do anything but crash on the couch.

Wednesday night, I got tired of myself, and I went in and cut out a dress.  I've decided I need a few more dresses with full skirts; if I can't have a smaller waist (and that doesn't seem to be happening without significant effort on my part), I'll have more skirt and go with the optical illusion instead.  It's my illusion, let me keep it.

I cut out NL 6587, a pattern I've had for years and never made, from a bitter chocolate cotton lawn with tiny peach-colored embroidered flowers.  I bought the fabric in Paris in 2008 (actually shopping with Trena) and it's been sitting.  Now it's sitting again, but on the table and in pieces.

I was excited about the dress when I cut it out, but I spent all day Thursday in work sewing it in my head and when I got home I had absolutely no interest in repeating the imaginary work I had been doing all day.  So I cut out another dress, a repeat of BWOF 2/11 #101, the scoop neck dress that I made in the blue and white striped eyelet.  This time I'm using a black and white border print that I got from Gorgeous Fabrics a while back, and this dress I'm just about finished.  There would be photos, but I'm hoping to wear it to work tomorrow, so I might as well wait for that. 

My other weekend project, aside from gardening and working on dresses, is Sophia.  Sophia is a stray kitty who hangs out on the block I walk down every morning to get to the train.  I've been seeing her for a month or so now, and she's been getting skinnier and dirtier as the weeks pass.  According to one of the neighbors, Sophia  used to have people, but they moved away and left her.  Bastards.  So she needs a home.  And I actually have 2 potential people for her (aside from me; I'd love to keep her), but now, of course, when I'm looking for her, she's nowhere to be found.  

We had breakfast together on Friday morning on someone's front steps.  She ate an entire bag of cat treats.  I know I could lure her into a carrier with food, if only she'd show up when I wasn't running late for work. 

Must get up earlier tomorrow. 


Reethi said...

Poor Sophia. Why are some people such jerks?

Kyle said...

You have a kind soul! I hope Sophia makes an appearance soon!!

DebbieF said...

Bless your heart! I have a beautiful calico that came to live with me in a similar fashion. My upstairs neighbors moved out and left her locked in the apartment. She finally got out when maintenance went in and ran into the woods. She started hanging around my front door, pregnant a few months later..she would come and go and I finally found her and her kittens right after they were born and took them in. The kittens got placed in wonderful homes and I kept Miss Sassy Pants, as I call her. She has been a wonderful, loving companion to both me and my husky/rotweiller mix dog.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I still have one of my Paris pieces in stash. It's on the sewing list for summer (as it has been the last 3 years). Maybe I should take your cutting into the fabric as a challenge!

Ann Made Studio said...

I hope Sophia shows up. Poor cat!

Rose said...

Sophia looks so sweet! I hope that she found a good home or shows up soon!