Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Every which way but right

First batch!
Lotta weekend, not much sewing.

On Friday evening, it seemed so long. Three whole days of not having to go to work. Funny how that worked out.

Saturday morning we hit the farmer's market and I got way too many strawberries, because I had it in mind that I wanted to make jam. Which I did. And prior to which I had to make an emergency run to the hardware store because nobody ever freaking returns my canning jars when they're empty and I realized I had about 12 jars worth of jam and 3 jars left on the shelf. Thankfully the hardware store is a block away and I had the jars sterilized and waiting when the jam finished bubbling in the pot. 10 minutes in the canner (for every 6 jars - it's a small pot) and I had a dozen jars of strawberry yumminess.

I don't even particularly like jam, but I love making it.

I also met up with a friend and had coffee, did 2 loads of laundry and did some work in the garden.

Right side out . . . I think
Sunday was family day - my aunt, cookout with Mario's mom, sister and her boyfriend, and then a visit to his aunt, who is an 80-something version of me. She's had 2 hips and one knee replaced and she's cranky as hell that her body can't keep up with her mind anymore. She wants to be out in the garden, or sewing, or working on her house, and she can't. All she can do is cook and clean and play with her cats. Sound familiar?

Monday was back in the garden, then over to Mario's old house, which is getting renovated, then back into the garden again.

I didn't think about settling down to sew until 10:00 p.m. I had put together the bodice pieces (fabric and lining) for the brown embroidered dress, and I wanted to at least get the bodice constructed and lined, which I did. The dress has cute little cap sleeves, which I decided I should sew on before adding the lining (I'm not lining the sleeves) and then I could hand-stitch the lining around the armholes.

This worked fine, until I was sitting on the couch around 11:00 p.m. hand sewing, and I notice something awful. The right sleeve doesn't look right. And that would be because I'd sewed it on inside out. AND I'd already half sewn the lining down by that point.

I actually debated with myself for a few minutes whether or not the inside-out sleeve would bother me; it looks ALMOST the same. But I knew it would, so I picked out the lining stitches, then I ripped off the sleeve, turned it, pinned it back on and sewed it. Brought it back out to the couch, re-threaded my needle and realized . . .

Gratuitious cute picture of Harriet
. . . wait for it . . .

I'd sewn the sleeve on right side out that time, but it was UPSIDE DOWN.

Let's just say Mario and the cats learned a few new words, and after I picked off the sleeve for the SECOND TIME, I gave up for the night.
For those who are about to ask, no, there was no wine involved.


renee said...

So sorry for the sewing mishaps. At least your kitty is adorable.

Connie said...

Ugh! I did the same thing three times with a zipper a while ago. I guess, like in construction, we should "measure twice, cut once" or in this case- "check twice, sew once"!

Jodie said...

Oh, oh, oh....I have soooo done that. It was my high school senior sewing project (a tailored jacket, lined, etc.) with pieced sleeves. Sewed the left sleeve into the right armhole...3 %$#*&%^ times. At that point my mother, bless her, took it away from me and it magically appeared with both sleeves inserted the next morning at breakfast. I still have that jacket (I hate it for that and a few other reasons), but for all the blood, sweat and tears I will never get rid of it. Haven't done a lined jacket ever again (I realize now). Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. I've got strawberry jam on my horizon....mmmmyum!
Good luck with the rest of the dress, I'm sure it will go smoothly now.

annie said...

So how is that sleeve workin' for you tonight? Guess we have all been there.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I've done that before - and more than once. I love jam...time to make some :)