Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That's what friends are for

Last May, for the Philly PR Weekend, a few sewing friends stayed at my house.  Elizabeth brought a great hostess gift - wine and fabric.  The fabric was beautiful, a gray, pink and black plaid, pictured here.

Unlike the wine, which didn't last long enough to have its pictuer taken, the fabric has been aging ever since.  But this past weekend, I finally decided what it wanted to be, and I pulled it off the shelf.  And there wasn't enough.

Normally, 2 yards is plenty for most projects.  Because of the complexity of what I have in mind, I needed more like 4 yards.  I knew where the fabric came from, and I tried there.  No luck - sold out. 

I mentioned to Elizabeth by email that I was looking for more of the fabric, and she said casuallly, "I have 2 pieces at home.  I'll put them in the mail for you tomorrow."

She's getting a thank you in the form of something from my stash, and my gratitude for helping a fellow sewist out of a tight spot.

This is why I love this community. 


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous fabric! Can't wait to see what you make of it. How wonderful that Elizabeth has what you need and is willing to part with it.

SEWN said...

I am happy to give it to you! I was too scared of matching plaid to use it myself. ;)

Sunny Wells said...

I absolutely love this fabric!! I've been searching everywhere for something similar - can you possibly tell me where your friend got it from? I'm hoping I can do a special order.