Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Image - Fall/Winter

I just received the Fall/Winter issue of My Image pattern magazine, and I'm pretty pleased with the contents.

For those unfamiliar with My Image, it's a fairly recent entry in the European pattern magazine race, but it's moving up quickly in my estimation.

Like Ottobre, they're no Burda, but then again, that's not a bad thing.  Their clothes are wearable, not cut too low, and their models are pretty close to reality (though not as close as Ottobre's).

Their instructions are a little terse, and their English is a bit stilted, but for anyone who has tried to wrap their head around Burda's English, MI is a breeze.  And their pattern sheets are on bright white paper with nice, readable multi-colored lines.  You'll only have eyestrain at the end, not an actual migraine.

Even though I love warm weather and summer clothes, I like cold weather sewing better.  Cold weather sewing is about jackets and linings and weightier fabrics; it's about not taking shortcuts and making quick knit pieces to get me in and out of the workroom quickly.  

There are a few pieces in My Image that I'm looking forward to trying - a jacket, a short coat and one (or more) of the dresses.  And the slouchy drape necked top fills the space left by quick summer sewing: quick winter sewing.


Lisette M said...

I received mine a few days ago and yesterday got a chance to look through it. Like you there's quite a bit that I like.

Rosesred said...

I just bought it last week for the first time, and I really like it. Most patterns are pretty easy to trace, the directions are clear if sparse, and the turtleneck dress I'm working on is coming together beautifully. Great autumn clothes, imo.

Nancy K said...

I'm waiting for mine to come. I love that draped top and a couple of the jackets as well as a dress. Good issue.