Sunday, October 16, 2011

Contagious Inspiration

One of the other fabrics I brought back from the NY shopping day in September was this fabulous black sweater knit with gray ruffles. I got a remnant at Kashi (another remnant . . . do you see a trend here?) and it's just under 2 yards. Of course, since 2 yards is enough to make almost anything sweatery, I'm thinking about doing something cut on the bias to take extra advantage of the interesting ruffles and to give myself the challenge of making something - again - out of too little fabric.

What got me started? Andrea sent me a link on Friday morning and it turns out that Lori of GirlsintheGarden used the very same sweater knit to make a beautiful cardigan. She got her fabric at FabricMart, but it's the same lovely stuff, and it made me start thinking about mine all over again.

Thanks, Lori. Thanks, Andrea.

New sweater, coming soon to a sewing room near you.


Sharon Sews said...

I thought I recognized that fabric! Lori's cardi turned out beautifully and I'm sure whatever you decide to sew will also.

Ann Made Studio said...

Loved Lori's sweater too.
This is a very nice fabric.

Irene said...

Will be interesting to see what your sweater will look like.