Sunday, October 2, 2011

Month End Review - September 2011

Even though it doesn't feel like fall (except maybe today, October temps magically dropping even if the rain hasn't gone away), I'm thinking fall sewing. 

Switching sewing seasons seems to have gotten me out of my rut, even if one of my projects won't win any prizes for fit.

September's numbers: 5 projects, 11.5 yards.  Not bad, and only a little less than the amount of fabric I brought home from New York mid-month.

My favorite project for the month (I think) is the Ottobre Autumn Watercolor dress.  It turned out much better than expected, and I can see getting a lot of use from that pattern in the future.

Mario's Dr. Who shirt gets the prize for most appreciated sewing for others EVER.  At least until the Hendrix jacket materializes.

More mundane sewing: KwikSew 3740's cowl neck top, made up in cream sweater knit and at great risk to life, limb and thumb.  It's healing, and the sweater turned out well.

Colette's Clover pants were project #4.  Thumbs up for the pattern, if not for the result I got.  When I recover from looking at those photos, I'll try it again.

Last up, and to be fully reviewed when I wear it, is my third take on Vogue 1250, made from a black, white and gray knit from Metro Textiles, purchased on Elizabeth's shopping day on September 17th.  I love it, though I might have given up the fabric in exchange for her burnt orange cashmere corduroy.  If she'd only let go of it.


SEWN said...

Although I love that fabric, I don't think it would be an equitable exchange for cashmere. ;) By the way, I cut up the cashmere corduroy last night. So stop trying to steal it!

Unknown said...

You knocked it out of the ballpark with that shirt for your Mario. It looks expertly made, better than RTW, and it looks good on him.
Wow wow wonder he's ridiculously happy it.

Don't see many photos of you in jeans or pants. You look good in your fabric failure....nice and casual.

random response to your sewing photos from a fan in Houston Tx

Véronica & sa trousse à couture said...

I like a lot the sweater knit top. And I JUST LOVE the shirt with the "Dalek" print !! The model looks very happy wearing it :-)