Monday, October 10, 2011

Planned Procrastination

This is what I'm currently NOT working on. 

And I really, really want to be working on it. 

But I'm participating in the craft show again this year, and I've been procrastinating on working on the show items (in a completely unplanned way).  So I decided the only way to apply the boot to my own butt was to force myself to postpone working on a project that really excites me just so I can work on the pieces I need to at least get started on.

The first piece is done.  Three more are cut out, and I was going to sew tonight but I was cross-eyed tired and decided that might not be a good idea. 

The fabric of my postponed jacket is a green/brown/red plaid (not as vivid as the fabric photo - much more like the collar pic) that I purchased last month from Metro Textiles as a remnant. It's a wool, I think possibly with some cashmere or something else that makes it obscenely soft, and it takes steam like nobody's business.  I originally wanted to line it in red, but I decided to take the understated route and use the last of my olive green silk charmeuse instead.  Oh, the hardships of a silk charmeuse lining. 

Much as I'd like to think I can knock out a few more craft projects by mid-week and be back to my jacket by Thursday, I'm not sure it's going to happen.  A few other things have to happen this week that can't be put off, and that will push my sewing to the later evening, when the likelihood of energy and success happening at the same time go sharply downhill.

But it'll happen, and soon.  I can hear it calling to me from the back room . . . "Come back, come back. . . don't you want to cut out my sleek and slippery lining and attach it to my matched plaid facings?  Don't you want to choose buttons and swear at buttonholes?" 

Yes.  Yes, I do.


meli88a said...

Gorgeous collar. I'd love to see the finished product!

senaSews said...

Oh, what a wonderful fabric and the shape of the collar is so beautiful. Hope you will find the time to finish it real soon.

Rose said...

That fabric is crying to me and I live some distance away. It's gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it finished.