Saturday, December 3, 2011

Craft Show 2011

The University City Arts League holiday craft show opened on Friday night.  We stopped by for a bit of the opening and I'm now anxious to do a bit more work.

We're generally promised a 4x4 table space (not too much, not too little) but there are apparently a few less artists this year as there was a bit of extra space and the wicker sled holding my velvet scarves (which started out on my table) was relocated to the stand next to it.

Well, okay, if you want me to expand to fill my space, I can.  Also, last year there was artwork on the walls above each table; this year , not so much.  I'm going to think of a fast way to go vertical on the display.  Why have extra merchandise in boxes under the table when I can have it on the table?

The bottom photo is a closeup of some of the baby clothes I got done on my sweatshop day off Wednesday.  

There was a lot of interest tonight, but since we couldn't stay long, I didn't see if or how much money changed hands.  I'll check in Saturday afternoon when they open up and do some rearranging.


Sheila said...

Good luck and enjoy.

wendy said...

lots of luck!
do you just have open wall space behind you to hang things on? If you have some way to hang up those 3M command hooks maybe you could hang a couple of the scarves from them! Or haul down a laundry drying rack and pop it up ;)