Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pants for Christmas

We don't exchange Christmas gifts.  Our holiday tradition is going out shopping the weekend before the holiday, picking out all the ingredients and either on Christmas Eve or the Day (depending on dinner-with-family scheduling) putting together a seriously kick-ass dinner that we eat in the dining room, with candles, tablecloth and napkins, like civilized humans. 

The other thing we do is treat ourselves to something we want, without guilt.  It doesn't have to come right at the holiday, but if it does, so much the better.

What else would I get myself but fabric?  I had a recent avalanche in the workroom and as I was reassembling the stash wall - why did I not think that if I pulled a piece out of the bottom of a stack, the rest of it wouldn't slide down on my head? - I realized that I am woefully short of solid colors.  Woefully short, I tell you.  

And of course, I'm also woefully short of decent pants to wear to work.  This thought process occurred on Tuesday, when I was off from work, so I dutifully traipsed up to the computer, went to Gorgeous Fabrics, and quickly purchased 10 yards of Ann's best RPL - 4 yards of black, 2 yards of gray, 2 yards of maroon and 2 yards of what she called "British tan."  Which is kind of caramel, but cooler.  And lovely.  Maroon isn't a color I normally wear, but I was on an RPL roll.  I love that stuff, and figured if I was going to spend money, and have to pay for shipping, I might as well get everything that I wanted.

So I did.  And now, with a couple of long weekends coming up for the holidays, I will be sewing pants.  Probably my TNT BWOF side zip pants pattern, but I do want to try those Colette Clover pants again, a bit smaller and with a better fabric. 

Maybe that's why I got 4 yards of black, so I could make one of each.


Karen said...

What is RPL?

Anonymous said...

I love the not buying gifts! that makes Christmas so stressful...

gMarie said...

What a fabulous tradition. We try to eat like civilized humans at least once a month! Isn't it nice? g