Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sewing by the numbers

Katie hiding behind the fabric shelf
I keep a spreadsheet of my sewing projects each year.  It's nothing complicated, just a list, month by month, of the things I've made and how much fabric Iused.  (I've given up counting fabric in, but I still keep track of fabric out.  Go figure.)

When I printed out the spreadsheet for 2011 and put it on the workroom counter with the sheets for 2009 and 2010 (prior to that I had a different system), I compared the 3 years' sewing and noticed something strange - no matter how many pieces I made, how complicated or uncomplicated they were, my total yardage used for each year was nearly identical:

2009:  149.25 yards

2010:  147.50 yards

2011:  148.75 yards

Really?  It's not a contest, but I find it interesting that without trying, without even adding up the numbers until the end of the year, I end up in the same place. 

There are strange and wonderful things going on in the tidy place that is my workroom.  I'll have something to show soon.


velosews said...

That is interesting.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is an impressive output! I don't think I've ever broken 100.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should do that for the coming year.

Sherril said...

I think keeping track is a great idea. Do you have any goals of sewing more than that number for this year? I am going to keep track of both what comes in and what I sew just so I know how much I sew versus how much I buy. Sort of like counting calories when you are on a diet. Maybe I can "lose" some fabric weight this year (as well as real poundage on me).

Kathi Rank said...

At least your results are consistent! I keep track of what I have on hand, and each year I log what I buy, use, scrap or donate and how much volunteer fabric I pick up. Remember I was a CPA for years - so I tend toward maintaining too much information. I love having my stash in a spreadsheet where I can sort by quantity, filter by color, fabric type, source, age, location etc. Let me know if you want a copy of my spreadsheet to use as a template