Friday, March 30, 2012

No self control

The whole shebang (plus 3 yards of black knit)
 None whatsoever. Not where fabric is concerned, anyway.

I had a day off from work on Tuesday, and Mario and I decided to treat ourselves and take the bus up to NY for the day. We agreed that we weren't going to do our usual things - I'd stay away from the garment district and he wouldn't go near Midtown Comics or Forbidden Planet, his weaknesses.

That didn't last long. We got off the bus and went to grab breakfast, and while we're sitting there, he said, "If I just ducked down to Midtown for 45 minutes, could you find something to do?" We were at 35th and 7th at the time. What's a girl to do?

Watercolor flower knit
 Okay, I could have NOT gone to a fabric store. But trim stores are dangerous too. Or I could have gone to a fabric store where there was little likelihood of buying anything. Mood is always good for that; at their prices, I tell myself I can buy one fabric and I can never narrow it to just one and I leave empty handed. But no, I went to see Kashi. Because I had to.

And the problem with Kashi is that you can't leave his store empty-handed; he'd be hurt. And offended. And I do not want to hurt and/or offend the man who has the best fabric in NY and is so willing to sell it to me.

Gray/brown/black paisley knit
 I also didn't need to go on a complete binge, but that's a whole different story. Is it at least good that of all the fabrics I bought, only 4 of them were prints? Those other printholics out there will understand my happiness about that. But yeah, virtue, she fell by the wayside and was buried in an avalanche of fabric. Next time I saw my virtue, it was reclining on a bolt of fabric with a dopey smile and a cigarette.

It was that kind of shopping trip.

Put it this way. I keep a spreadsheet detailing my sewing projects and yardage month-by-month. As of March 27th, I had used 35 yards of fabric for the year, which I thought was pretty damn good.

Poppy print stretch woven
 The problem is, I replaced every single yard I used so far this year. In 45 minutes, while Mario was at the comic book shop.

And he bought nothing. Nothing. And when he met me, and saw my empty hands, he thought I bought nothing. Then he saw the 2 cuts of fabric in my bag, and realized that was not the case. And then I mentioned that a box would be arriving at the office on Thursday, and he knew.

And then he took me to Around the World Books and I bought a pattern drafting book and 3 back issues of La Mia Boutique. At that point, what point was there in trying to get virtue back on track? She'd been on a bender and the least I could do was let her down easy.

Ivory/gray/black silk
 We had a very nice day. We ended up doing other stuff, walked a lot, had a lovely lunch and caught the bus home again. I have to say, it was easier to walk without dragging 18 pounds of fabric (Kashi kindly weighed it for me). And I could wait until it was delivered. After all, I had those 2 cuts in my bag . . .

Thankfully, Kashi ships by UPS two day, because I'm not sure how long I could have waited for all this loveliness.  I opened the box at work, petted everything and stashed it into two Patternreview shopping bags so I could get it home on train.  Not easy, but way better than schlepping it around Manhattan.

The top photo, left to right, bottom to top:  turquoise/navy double-faced wool; appliqued net fabric (the only really pointless purchase), teal crepe, turquoise silk/cotton blend, white silk/cotton blend, tan silk charmeuse; aqua silk charmeuse; poppy print stretch woven; blue/purple/gold floral knit; gray flecked bottomweight; ivory/gray/black print silk; brown/gray/black paisley knit; medium brown flecked bottomweight.  And 3 yards of black stretch knit, not in the photo.

Phew.  It looks like a lot.  It is a lot.

And I can't wait to start sewing it up!  I've been thinking about it ever since I walked out of Metro, and waiting for the UPS guy today was a torture.  Now I just need to pick a fabric, pick up my scissors, and have fun.

I think that poppy print's days are numbered, at least as as fabric.  As a dress, now, that's a whole different thing.


velosews said...

What a lovely day you had together. I understand.

SewRuthie said...

Lovely fabrics. Glad you had a fun day.

Elaray said...

Now, Karen (in my best scolding voice). I don't know why you even fixed your lips to make that ridiculous statement about not buying fabric! You brought home some beauties, too!

annie said...

The poppy print is lovely.

Linda L said...

I am so envious!!! Gorgeous fabrics.

Rosie said...

I'm glad you and hubby had such a lovely day together. Yes, one can generally never leave Kashi without something in hand. You got some great fabrics. I was there this week myself and pleading the Fifth!

Rose said...

Lovely Fabrics! the poppy fabric is glorious!

Rose in SV

Marjie said...

Mario is close enough to perfect, feeding your fabric desires like that. Those are some wonderful finds.

Janine said...

DOn`t feel guilty - just enjoy . YOu work hard so you can spend your money how you want. SOunds like a nice day in New York.

Kyle said...

I too have a fantasy of taking a random day off from work and going to the Garment District for some Kashi time. Live the dream!!

gMarie said...

it sounds like a wonderful day. Can't wait to see the poppy dress. g

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

...I'm so staying away from've convinced me that it's not in my best interest. Love what you got, though!

badmomgoodmom said...

Kashi has that whole Persian host thing going on. He's so gracious and nice and you couldn't possibly offend him and not admire his fabric. And having admired it, you had to buy some.

I've only sewn part of what I bought on my NYC trip 2 years ago. I might go to the upcoming NYC PR weekend and visit Kashi again. Anyone need a roommate for PR NYC?

Lisette M said...

I would never dream of insulting Kashi! =-)
Love what you got!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oh man, so jealous of your fabric buying spree! Other than being forced to buy Dry Flex knit from Fabric Mart, I have kept my Lenten fast. And having had a total of about 6 hours to sew in the past MONTh, I can't justify breaking it. But faaaaabric. J'adore the embroidered/appliqued netting. I think you are in a 1912 frame of mind and will find something perfect for it.

Silknmore said...

Love the poppy fabric and what a great color for you. BTW, lack of self control can be a good thing.

Annette said...

Love the poppy fabric and what a great color for you. BTW, lack of self control can be a good thing.