Friday, April 13, 2012

Pick One

The Titanic project is picking up speed. 

Hmmm.  That didn't sound good, did it? 

The Titanic project is getting under way.  (Better; it doesn't sound like looming icebergs this way). 

There are many more patterns available, and the rules have changed so that there's more freedom in requesting patterns - we don't have to wait for specific assigned patterns.  I'm thinking I may need to make another blouse, one for me this time, since I really enjoyed making the last one but didn't get to keep it.

Here are the patterns I have to choose from at this point.  The descriptions are from VPLL's website, and the colors/fabrics basically describe the source garment, not how I would have to make it up.

1.   E0335 - This blouse is made in a light weight fabric of muted blue, and is without a lining. It features groups of very small pleats in contrast to larger ones. The blouse is trimmed with white lace.

2.  E1000 - This beautiful ladies blouse features a pleated front with cutwork scallops and padded granitos at collar, cuffs and basque.

3.  E0219 - This blouse without a lining is made of checked fabric in blue, green and white.  The detachable collar is made of stiff white linen.

There are intriguing features in all 3 - I love the pleating on the first one, and the opportunity to use a piece of vintage lace (of which I have much) for the center front.  I also like all the pleats. 

The second blouse is probably the least likely to be worn, but the part of me that loves repetitive idiot work (I find it soothing) is intrigued by the cutwork scallops and whatever the heck a "granito" is.

The last one, well, that looks like fun, doesn't it?  Not the strangulating high collar, maybe, but the bias plaid and the interesting curved seam at the shoulder (and no visible armscye/sleeve seam) strike me as something I'd enjoy playing with.  Plus this one has a front closure, so I could actually dress myself.

Which blouse do you think I should tackle for May?  (1) E0335 - pleats with lace; (2) E1000 - pleats, cutwork scallops and "granitos"; or (3) E0219 - plaid, pleats and interesting seaming.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one. 


BeckyMc said...

Plaid with interesting seaming. Hands down!

luckylibbet said...

the third one - interesting shoulder, and how the heck did they do that with no armseye? and will I get this comment through the first time? I can't read the awful type on the you're not a robot stuff - I'm older and I just can't read it. So I don't comment much any more, since it's become such a hassle.

Lisette M said...

I think the plaid one looks really fun to make and wear (without the collar of course) I thought the middle one was in tune with the peplum trend these days and could make a pretty summer top. All right I'm not being much help but those are my favorites.

Proving that one is not a robot takes at least 3 tries each time, I thought you should know =)

Valerie said...

when in doubt, make all three! I love fashions from this era, and the one before it (Edwardian). Whatever you do, I know it will be lovely.