Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just a brief update for all of you who sent kind kitty wishes for Max's recovery.  So far, so good, and all fingers and paws are crossed.

Max is on a low dose of insulin twice a day, and his diet has changed.  He doesn't mind the new wet food, but getting him off the Purina Indoor isn't so easy.  Apparently it's kitty crack, and the new stuff, while healthy, just doesn't give him that same rush.  Either way, he gets his injection while he's snarfing down his wet food.

First couple of days he was still sluggish, but now he's learned that good food things happen in the small bathroom off the kitchen (otherwise known as Max's private dining room), and he's back to singing to his toys and knocking Mario out on the couch.  Last night was the first time he'd gotten up on the couch in over a week, and there was much celebration, followed by napping.

So right now, it looks like the news is good. Now if I could just report something as positive about my mojo . . . which appears to be ailing.


velosews said...

Give yourself a break during this intensive time:)

Anonymous said...

My sweet kitty Gretchen lived very well for three years on insulin, until she was killed by a cancer we couldn't control...Kathy B

Jane M said...

It's exhausting to take care of and worry about our furry friends. Sounds like you are doing good things for Max and need to do good things for you, too. I also loved your PR weekend report so thanks for sharing the fun and excitement.

edj3 said...

Glad your kitty is doing better and it sounds like maybe you are too.

Kyle said...

awww Max!! Give him a pat on the head for me.
(I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact you have 10 cats in your Philly row house...how do they all fit??)

Marjie said...

I'm glad Max is doing well. Poor baby.