Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oops, I did it again

Gratuitous Paris photo, May, 2008
Hope springs eternal.  And with spring about to spring, apparently it's gotten worse.

Despite the lackluster showing at the Christmas craft show this year, and the dead-on-arrival embroidery lessons, I applied for yet another neighborhood craft show that occurs in April.  I went last  year, and I thought it was fantastic - a great selection of stuff, something literally for every taste.  Including mine, so that gave me hope that somebody might . . . maybe . . . buy my stuff?

I applied for their holiday craft show, but since that one is held indoors, space is a lot more limited and they stick with vendors they've worked with before.  When they announced the spring show, I applied, thinking it wasn't likely I'd get accepted, but I got an email today that I'm in.

So that means on April 20th, I'll be in Woodland Cemetery in Philadelphia, with a table (and hopefully a tent, if I can find one), hocking my handmade wares.

I've been working on some new goodies but I realize now that to have a table full of inventory by April 20th means I'm going to be back in my sweatshop again.  At least I won't be sweating this time, or shivering.  March and April in the sewing room are actually some of the best times of the year.

I'll keep you updated on the show as it progresses.  I'm also working on a sewing project for myself, which I can share soon.  Yes, really.  Sewing for me.

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