Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy Busy

The Go West Craft Fest is this Saturday (weather permitting; right now it's looking like it might rain, in which case it will occur on Sunday).

Needless to say that has meant frantic sewing, cutting, swearing and maybe the tiniest bit of imbibing to get me in line for the event.

The worst part is the finishing.  I get things 90% done, get a bright idea and start on the next item, blithely saying, "Oh, I can knock that [whatever it is] out in 10 minutes when the time comes."

Well, the time has come, and now I'm stitching labels on items, making and adding bow ties to 8 stuffed bears, running the lint roller over everything before it gets boxed up, taking photos and wondering where, oh, where I put the cash box and receipts from the last show I did.

It's somewhere in this house.

Let's not talk about the state of the house.  I'll clean it after the craft show, I promise.

I leave you with a few goodies from the upcoming weekend.  Those that don't sell will be listed in my Etsy shop within a day or two.

Fingers crossed that there's not much left to list and I have to start making all over again.

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