Friday, May 24, 2013

Here we go again

Yep, it's another sale.

Organized by the same folks who did the Go West Craft Fest in Woodland Cemetery in April, this one takes place on June 15th at another Philadelphia landmark - 30th Street Station.  Almost every form of transportation in the city - Amtrak, local trains, trolleys, buses, taxis galore - passes through and around the station, so this could be a really good day.

There was a show back in February that had originally been scheduled to occur right around Valentine's Day, but that got rescheduled due to weather and Amtrak canceling service.  (I wasn't involved in that one, though I loved the idea of it being in the big indoor waiting room - talk about a captive audience!)

This time it's outside the station, on what is these days called "the Porch," an outdoor plaza area with umbrella tables and food trucks, which the local improvement district is touting as a "go to" place - they have live music, yoga classes, gourmet food trucks and a farmer's market all happening there throughout the week.

This sale has a heftier table fee than the last one, so I'm sharing a 10x10 space with one of the vendors from the last sale, a jewelry maker who does some really beautiful and original stuff.  I think we'll complement each other without filching each other's customers.

So now the task at hand is to yet again build up the stock so that there is something in the Etsy shop and yet enough on hand so that the show table doesn't look empty.  Also, pick up another table so my side of the tent doesn't look too sparse, and find some matching table covers, and weights for the table covers, and get a banner made, and, and, and . . .

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