Friday, June 14, 2013

One glass of wine

I'm not talking about me -- at least not directly.  While I have been known to sip while sewing, the wine-stained tablecloth that provided these adorable dresses was not stained by yours truly.  I picked it up at the thrift store for a couple of dollars, originally thinking I would make a skirt for myself if I couldn't get the stain out.

Well, the stain didn't budge, but I also couldn't work up the interest to make the skirt, so the tablecloth has languished in the fabric limbo for well on three years now.  Last week, I remembered its existence and thought it would be the perfect source fabric for a few more toddler dresses in time for the craft show next weekend.

But then of course I couldn't find it.  I remembered before I reorganized my workroom a few months ago that it had been rolled and shoved into my fabric shelves, but it didn't make it across the room in the move.  I knew I wouldn't have gotten rid of it (when do I get rid of anything?), but where did it go?

A few nights ago I went rummaging in the standing cedar closet in the workroom (otherwise known as the supply closet of doom), and lo and behold, there was the tablecloth!  I was so happy to find it that I pulled it out, shut the door and promptly forgot what I was looking for in the first place.  I still don't remember.

However, the tablecloth has given me four dresses, two in size 1, and one each in sizes 2 and 3T.  I love how the embroidered motif varies from dress to dress, and even more do I love that I was able to take advantage of the scalloped hem of the tablecloth.

I think I can get at least one more dress before I'm out of un-stained fabric, but I might move on to something else for the moment.  Like getting ready for the craft show tomorrow.

More later.

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