Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You may be right; I may be crazy

Crazy Katie - backup sewing assistant
Sometimes I wonder if I've made the right choice in giving up working for the time being to try to make this handmade business succeed.

I did all the prep I could; I got the Etsy shop organized and up and running, with some (but not enough) stock; I researched what I needed to do to make the shop better; I applied for several craft shows; I took photos and wrote descriptions and stocked my vintage shop (which is bringing in the bulk of income at this point); I filled the freezer and the cupboards with food that would not need to be purchased when I had less money coming in.  I had stashed the bulk of my Etsy income and any spare cash for the last few years, for no particular reason, until I decided that I couldn't stand life in a cubicle for one more day.

I decided around Christmas that I would like to try; in mid-January I discussed it with my husband over our anniversary dinner (and the sweet man said, "If you think it'll work, then it'll either work or you'll change your plan to something that does work -- go ahead"); at the end of March I gave notice; and on April 12th, I became a free woman.

Free to work or not work, worry or not worry, as I saw fit.  Mostly I've worked, with some worry thrown in for seasoning.

Now it's been 3 months, give or take, and I think one thing I could have done to make this (somewhat) easier on myself would have been to time it better.  Summer is slow on Etsy, so it's hard to even tell if I've made a showing or not.  Seasoned sellers are griping about their lack of sales, so I know it's not just me; being a newbie just makes it feel like it's me.  On the plus side, I'm using the time to make more and more pieces for the shop so that when things do pick up, I'll be ready.

I did a "cover my butt" move last month - I contacted an employment agency that I'd worked with once before and told them that I'd be available for short term temp assignments, and they found me a law firm spot for next week filling in for someone who is on vacation.  A week here or there will bring in enough to refill the dent I've made in the savings, without making me feel like I'm giving in - or giving up.

Which I'm not.  Not by a long shot.  I'm a hard-headed woman, and I've only just begun to work at it.

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