Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday with Friends: Jerica's Jewelry

Pink Glass Flower Earrings
I'm introducing a new feature on the blog this week -- Fridays with Friends.  I know so many talented crafters, in person, through Etsy and Facebook, and I want to a little time each week and share the love.

This week I'm featuring my real-life jewelry-making friend, Jennifer Erica Sweda, otherwise known as Jerica's Jewelry.  You can find her shop here on Etsy.

Her jewelry is all hand-crafted, and she uses sterling silver in most pieces, unless noted in the listing.  Her pieces are a lot of fun, and I admit to owning a few pieces from the holiday show myself.  She's also working on some new pieces which I really hope to see in her shop very soon.

"3 Coins in the Fountain" Bracelet
I've known Jennifer for several years now; we've done a local holiday craft show together a few times, and most recently we shared a very wet tent together at an outdoor craft show.  Not only is she talented, but she made it through an unexpected monsoon with a smile on her face.

These are the kind of friends you keep close.

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