Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knit Critters: Lucky Elephants

I said there were elephants, didn't I?

And they're not pink elephants or anything, but real gray elephants.  I'm calling them Lucky Elephants.  Because.

These came about when our housemate brought home a charcoal gray knit shawl / wrap that she'd found.  It was a lovely color, a good weight, and had a few moth holes.  Those disappeared after a proper washing and shrinking, which I was very pleased to see.

The shawl was pretty large, so it came out to be 5 elephants.  I used the same pattern as for the other Knit Critters, but tweaked the head until I had an elephant trunk that I liked.  I tried it both ways in muslin, and the end result is 3 elephants with up trunks and 2 with down.

They also went out to the back yard for their photo shoot, and they're seen meandering up the gravel path and through a bed of coral bells.  It's not the jungle, but you take what you can get as a backyard photographer.  It was better than the tomato plants!

These little guys also got the iron-on felt eyes (I'm loving these, I have to tell you -- so much easier than embroidery and they have exactly the look I want.  I get them from Flying Felt on Etsy).   I also gave them each a neck ribbon, going by direction -- pink for up, green for down.  Mainly because I had more pink ribbon than green in my dwindling ribbon stash.

Must find a good sidewalk sale soon with some ribbon.  I hit one this past Saturday with great crafting deals.  I love it when people price things at "I don't want to take this back upstairs."  I got a 2 yard piece of batting for a quarter, and a few packs of rickrack (which I use all the time on the baby dresses) for 10 cents each.

Okay, and a few pieces of fabric, but I'm trying not to think about that.  Fabric is the one thing I probably don't need any more of -- at least until I find some.

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