Monday, August 12, 2013

So it's not another tablecloth

But do pillowcases count?  I found these two embroidered pillowcases in deep, family-inherited stash, and (1) I know I'll never use them on my bed, and (2) I just can't wait to cut them up!

I can use the same basic A-line baby dress pattern that I used for the tablecloth dresses (which have all sold!), so that I can feature the heavy embroidered borders of the pillowcases as the front hem.  The back will be solid white with just the edging.  Since the cases are different, I didn't have the moral dilemma of deciding whether or not to put the motif on back and front.  Instead, I'll use matching pale blue buttons and do the buttonholes and topstitching in pale blue thread.  The fabric is pretty opaque, so I might even do the facings in pale blue, if I have something in stash that would work.  And I think that I do.

Because of the width of the pillow cases, these will both be size 1, and will be listed in the shop when they're finished.

Yay for more embroidered linens!

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