Friday, August 30, 2013

Very British bears

Fridays with Friends is taking a holiday this week, folks -- I have a few really good people lined up for the coming weeks, though, so please check back!

I finished another set of bears this week.  They go much faster when I do them in groups, and it saves me from the hell of remnants.  Of which there are too many already.

These little guys are made from a wool/rayon blend houndstooth -- a lovely remnant, and I so wanted to make it into something for myself, but my original idea was bears, and I have more than enough clothes. The contrast fabric is a lovely tan wool remnant given to me by a friend.  Their bow ties are a dark red / maroon satin, though (as red always does) they show up brighter in the photos.

I think the hardest thing about bears is trying to get a photo that shows some personality.  There are a lot of bears out there, but finding something you click with involves being able to see something beyond just a pretty face.

These are, of course, listed in the shop, along with a variety of others.  I sometimes look at the bear listings and flinch, and pray for Christmas - these boys are cute, but they take up serious space in my house!

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