Sunday, September 8, 2013

A good day at the craft fest

So the September edition of the Go West Craft Fest is now history, and a very good history it is.

Yesterday was a great day -- gorgeous weather, sunny and in the 70s, definitely the craft gods making up for the biblical floods of my last show -- and absolutely the kind of weather that brings people out to walk around and spend money.

I always go into a show hoping that one thing will be a huge seller, so I know how to narrow my focus and make less of a variety of things.  That didn't happen.

I sold 2 bears, 4 knit critters, a couple of toddler dresses, a couple of embroidered pillow covers and some other bits and pieces.  No potholders this time, and none of the small cosmetic-type bags.  I didn't take my new bag series, thinking that the $50 range might be a bit much for an outdoor event.

While I was there yesterday, I got handed a couple of applications for upcoming events.  I'm debating which ones I want to apply for (other than all of them; I'm beginning to enjoy the craft show circuit, but I'm going to need more inventory).

I also start a six week temp assignment next week, which will somewhat interrupt my inventory building.  I'll be working with one of my best friends while her secretary is out recovering from surgery.  My friend is well acquainted with my plans and told her office that she had the perfect temp -- but I was only available three days a week because I had other commitments.  I'm actually thinking this might be a good thing; I'll spend Monday, Tuesday and Thursday thinking of all the things I would rather be doing, and Wednesday and Friday doing them.

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