Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cat Tales: Harriet

This is Harriet.

She started out as an outdoor kitten.  Here she's a little girl, hanging out in the daylilies under my lilac.  Her mom, Alice, would bring the kittens to our yard so she could get some sleep.

When they were old enough, Harriet and her brother, Nicky, came in.  They had another sister, and she went to live with a friend.

A neighbor who was a vet student told me confidently that my kitten was a boy.  So I named her Harry.  And then when she went for her first "real" vet visit, they enlightened me that I had one of each, so she got re-named.  I still call her Harry.

All grown up.
Harry's a sweetie.  She has the loudest purr of all the cats, and the tiniest hands, with the sharpest claws, which you'll feel when she arrives on your stomach in the middle of the night and proceeds to make mad, passionate bread.  She means well, but . . .

She was another cat who was very close to Max, and since he died she's gotten a little tighter with Bear (you can see Bear glaring from the window seat in the second photo).  They're cousins, actually same tomcat, litter-mate moms.

Harry's also a singer - it's something she got from Max.  She'll pick up a toy and start singing to it like it's a kitten.  It's very cute, except in the middle of the night.


Kyle said...

Awww!!! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this cat tale series.