Monday, December 16, 2013

A very purple bear

I got a custom bear order recently.  The item of clothing that was sent to me was a fabulous eggplant purple cashmere sweater.

There was also supposed to be a necktie to use for ears, foot pads and bow tie, but the customer's kids got sick and she lost track of time, so I volunteered to find something to coordinate.  I think this pinwale corduroy works nicely - any man who would wear such a glorious purple sweater isn't likely to object to a little paisley.

The downside is cashmere doesn't felt like wool, so even after two trips through a hot dryer, it stubbornly stayed fluffy and cashmere-feeling.  I ended up using a light interfacing to stabilize the fabric so that the bear kept its shape.  It's still softer and a little less "shapely" than my usual bear, but it feels amazing.

This little guy got sent off today -- for some reason, two day priority mail with USPS is guaranteed to get there within four days.  I'm assuming if I asked for four day delivery, it would take a week.  Happy holidays.

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