Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ups and Downs

Custom stockings - a grumpy sheep,
a "Chopin Liszt" for a musician, and Sandy
Claws for the beach-lover.
Two shows this weekend.  Saturday's was at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia, a show I had been invited to in early fall and for which I had paid my deposit.  Later, when the larger shows got announced, I realized that there were two others on that date I'd rather participate in, but in the end, I stuck with my first date, and it was a good choice.  It was an inexpensive table fee, and the best return I've had so far.  So not the biggest moneymaking day, but as a return on my investment?  Oh, yeah.

The mittens were flying, as usual, and for some reason, I had a run of third-graders buying my knit critters.  I said to one of them that they were usually intended for younger kids (not even really attempting to get him to fall for a bear instead), and he said, "No, these are cool, they're retro.  They're almost ironic."

Okay, then.  Should I add "cool retro ironic" to their tags on Etsy?

Today, on the other hand, took much of the glory out of yesterday.  I originally didn't have anything scheduled, but I was sulking a bit because there was a fairly major show in my neighborhood that I didn't get into, so I signed up for another edition of Traveling Wares so I'd be occupied and not muttering in my workroom, doing myself no good whatsoever.

But no good deed (or good intention) goes unpunished.  Last week's Traveling Wares was busy in a semi-blizzard; this one, on a cold but clear day, totaled 3 customers in the 4 hours I was there.  I caught a ride home an hour early with another vendor so I could work on a custom bear headed out tomorrow.

My friend Elaine stopped by the show, however, to pick up a set of custom stockings made for her kids, so that was a highlight.

One more show next Saturday, and one more week of the neighborhood Arts League show, which is finally beginning to pick up steam as the neighbors realize that it's winter, and winter is cold, and snow sometimes happens, and the holidays are coming whether they're ready or not, so they'd better get out and shop.

Better days tomorrow.

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