Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yay! New business cards

I finally ordered new business cards a couple of weeks ago.

I still have some of my original batch left, but I've fallen out of love with them, and I wanted to change the look.

The first ones, which aren't pictured, had one photo on the front and way too much type, and the back had some duplicate type.  These have three photos on the front, with just the business name / description, and all the info on the back.

Much cleaner looking, I think, and best of all, on sale.  Vistaprint had one of their 250 for $8 specials going, and I also ordered two 2' x 3' foot banners for my craft show tables.  I have a larger one I got last year, but it's more appropriate for using on the tent than trying to attach to a table.

First show is coming up on April 26th.  I'm almost ready.


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Lynn said...

Useful and beautiful! It's the motto of the Russian constructivists. You are part of a wonderful lineage.

Nancy said...

Great cards! I must get some for myself, one of these days.