Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's that time

The scrap bag was beginning to overflow.

When that happens, I either sort through it and throw things away, or I make potholders.

Generally, I make potholders.

First, because I don’t like to throw anything away if I can help it, and second, because it’s always nice to have a lower priced item on the table at craft shows. I can keep prices low on these because it really is nothing but my time involved. And yes, my time is worth something, but the materials in this case were all left over from other projects. That and an 8” square of batting doesn’t take much out of me.

These fabrics practically jumped out of the scrap bag together, even though their original projects had nothing to do with each other. As I pulled them and laid them out on the table, I could see a vintage theme coming together. Think Depression-era kitchen – feed sacks and dress goods, all the bits left over from the household quilts coming together as potholders.

 I’m calling this group Americana, because it reminds me of picnics and summer and the colors lurking behind vintage black-and-white photographs.


Valerie said...

I like those colors! Along with potholders, mug rugs are also good for using up scraps.

Erzulimojo said...

I like to make potholders with my scraps, too. I like to my old towels (washed in hot water and bleach) as the batting. the toweling gives more protection against heat and makes these efforts even more economical. Love your blog!

Helen said...

A wonderful idea! I especially like the tan color - it adds a lot of SNAP!