Friday, June 6, 2014

My first lion

Today was my last "work" day for a while -- I've been temping three days a week at my friend's office since we got back from Barcelona, but her secretary comes back from sick leave on Monday.

Several weeks ago, one of the attorneys found out that I made stuffed animals.  She has a baby boy named Leo, who is about to have his first birthday in a few weeks.  She asked if I made lions.

Of course I do, I said, and promptly came home and dug through my sweater stash until I found one that looked appropriately lion-like.  Obviously multi-stripes in tan, ivory, yellow, rust, blue and purple are lion colors, yes?  I thought so.  I made his mane from two larger circles of rust colored t-shirt knit, cut and stretched so that it curled.

I took it into the office today and handed it over, and her eyes just lit up.  If little Leo likes it half as much as his mom, I'll feel good.


Vicki said...

Well, he is pretty cute!

edj3 said...

He's adorable.