Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Cat with the Mat

This is Bear a/k/a Louise a/k/a Weeza.  She dislikes me.  Strenuously.

She dislikes Mario.  She dislikes most of the other cats.

She refuses to be touched, or brushed or have her nails clipped.  She refuses to groom herself.  Therefore, she looks like a dustmop a lot of the time.

She doesn't really have mats, she has short, stubby dreadlocks that feel more like cardboard than hair.  She's self-felted.

Lately, I've been bribing her with Lily's leftovers, and in exchange for scraps of wet food, she allows me to run a comb over her back, and occasionally, if I'm lucky, take scissors to the larger mats.

It's going to take months, but I've determined to get her smooth and cat-shaped again.

She'll still dislike me, but at least I'll only feel bad about that, and not how awful she looks.


annie said...

Poor little thing. Must have had a very hard life before she found you.

Cherie said...

You are so patient! You'll do it, too! Nothing like wet cat food to persuade a cat!