Friday, March 4, 2016

Month-End Review: February

Rumor has it that spring is just around the corner.

So says this guy.

It snowed this morning, so what does he know?

February was a slower month than last January.  It always is.  It feels like the winter doldrums just sink into your bones and make productivity nearly impossible.

Which is not to say things didn't get done, they just didn't get done on the scale they did the month prior.

Add to that three days of temping in my friend's office (without adequate warning to have lots of handwork to take with me for lunchtime stitching) and I really dropped the ball.

Totals:  20 medium size animals, 10 toddler dresses, 24 microwave bowls, 2 teddy bears and 4 more of the new product (reveal soon, I promise).  Not bad, not spectacular.

On a more pleasant note, scheduling has started for spring craft shows, so that, much more than Mr. Robin here, lets me know that spring is, indeed, on the way.

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Unknown said...

February is definitely the slowest month for me too. And for so many of the people I know who have small businesses. Can't wait to see your new line.