Saturday, April 9, 2016

Off season

Way, way off season.

I got contacted about a month ago by someone who was interested in getting a custom Christmas stocking for her baby.  (I guess it's a good thing I hadn't gotten around to taking down all the Christmas listings yet).

We went back and forth a little on the design, and she ended up sending me four of her son's Christmas onesies.

My favorite part: the Santa head at the top was actually one of the feet.  Little Santa head feet.  Sometimes baby stuff is so cute it's almost toxic.

And at least I know there's one customer who won't contact me on December 15, looking for a stocking to hang up on Christmas Eve.


Kyle said...

That is super super cute Karen!

Anonymous said...

How lovely.. If you start now you could have a fair few in hand for Christmas, too funny.

Unknown said...

Very nice. You are very creative!

Sharon said...

Love it! Nice decorative stitching!

Lisa Laree said...

That is one of the most fabulous Christmas stockings I think I've seen. Great work! And gotta love those folks who think ahead!!

giannahorse said...

love it - SO very Philly