Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Chicken

I've got a temp job right now - three days a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and just in time for me to not be home, my lilac bloomed.

I've forgotten to cut it back the last few years and it's now taller than the back shed at about 10-12 feet.  (This still shocks me since I planted it 15 years ago this spring, digging a small hole with a table spoon since it was a tiny sprig in a 4" pot).

It grew, obviously.

During a recent hail and wind storm, I lost a whole middle section, but you can't really tell.  And I think if it smelled any more strongly of heavenly lilac smell, it would be nearly toxic.

Did I mention that I think lilacs are the best smell ever?

Hard to see, but Bonnie the evil chicken is peering out the door of the coop, just waiting for something to come along that she can eat.  A worm, a bug, some corn, my hand . . .

I ran into her previous owner last week at the farmer's market, and she was happy to hear that Bonnie was still going strong.  At 7, still laying 4 eggs a week is pretty impressive.

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Lisa Laree said...

We had lilacs in the yard on the farm I grew up on in Indiana. Love, love their fragrance. They apparently don't grow well in the South, where I've lived for the last thirtysomething years. I miss them in the spring...