Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Recycle Tuesday

So Recycle Tuesday is something new for my Facebook business page, which if you don't follow, you should - not only do I post my show schedule and photos of new work, but I'll be featuring the work of other scary-amazing-creative recyclers each week.  Most fall under the "art" rather than "craft" category, but it all falls under the "keeping-it-out-of-the-waste-stream-and-making-something-new" category, which is my favorite thing.


Karen said...

Why is your schedule only on FB? Not all are converts.

Karen said...

Karen, my schedule is also here on the blog - I just updated it to include my upcoming shows through the end of the year. FB is just a more immediate venue, I can post there as soon as I hear about something, but it always ends up being noted here as well. :) Thanks!