Thursday, September 1, 2016

I'm not afraid to use it.

What my head should feel like
My summer temp job is nearly over, and not before time.  School (and therefore sewing classes) start up next week, and my busy season is fast approaching.

But more than that, it's time to go.  I've been there since early June, plus a few weeks in March to cover a disability leave, and even though last year's stint was longer, I'm really feeling it this time around.

I've been reminded -- more than once -- why I don't do this full time anymore, and the people, while nice for the most part, are now officially in my head more frequently than casual work acquaintances should be.  I guess after 4 summers they've become "real" enough to do that, but honestly, one of the things I enjoy most about working from home is not being surrounded all the time.  I like quiet, I like being drama-free, I like just not having all these extra stories circling around me.  If I want stories, I'll make up my own.

If that makes me sound bitchy, that's not how I mean it.  The inside of my brain feels like Times Square on New Year's Eve, and I need to get back to a place of quiet where I can hear myself think -- and get more work done.

When I said yesterday afternoon that I only had four more days left, one of the other secretaries said, "Don't jinx yourself.  Maybe someone else will quit and they'll ask  you to stay."

"There's one problem with that," I answered.  "There's this little, two-letter word.  No."

And I'm not afraid to use it.


Linda T said...

I understand completely. When I retired I was so ready to get to my happy, quiet place--home and the sewing room..............and the critters......

Bonnie @ said...

I know what you are talking about. I'm a SAHM and do a little work from home too. I was in the customer service business for over 20 years and now I don't like people! I enjoy the peace of my home, my drama free zone and the only drama I want is on TV! I love the peace and quiet when I need it, if I'm lonely I just turn on the radio or the TV. Some people don't understand that daily peace and quiet of your own little world is essential to your own sanity. Keep up with the NO word, do what YOU want & be creative!

MarshaLaw said...

You have just articulated my story. Your journey of leaving the office life, the corporate workforce, the hellish existence we call j.o.b.s. is eerily similar to mine. I need the solitude and isolation to indulge my creative introvert. I enjoy a good party but I will meltdown faster than Snickers bar in a crematorium if I have people around me all day every day. I'm glad you're giving that "NO" a good healthy workout.

Unknown said...

Good for you Karen.

marysews said...

Good for you! The word has the most bang for the buck, er, letters!