Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning

One of the problems with having a big house is cleaning it.

Another problem is that, even having hauled a metric shit-ton of stuff over the past few months, I have a lot of stuff.  Which also needs cleaning.

First world problems, I know.  My house is too big, sigh.  I have to clean it, sigh.

But still.  I live in the first world, and occasionally I have to deal with its problems.

This past weekend I did a mother-daughter sewing workshop at the house (in the dining room) and thus,the house had to be cleaned.

Yeah, seeing a deer head on the wall will distract momentarily from the dust bunnies hopping merrily down the hall, but if people stay long enough, reality will start to creep in around the edges.

So we cleaned.  Mario tackled the powder room off the kitchen and I excavated the dining room. It was amazing how much stuff ended up in there that belonged in other rooms.  Then we polished furniture and scared ourselves with the unfamiliar smell of lemon.

And now it's clean. It looks good, if I do say so.  Sharing simply because it won't last and I want to remember it.


Vicki said...

Well done! I have just filled my car boot with things to give to charity. It is good to release and then even better to give what remains a good clean.

tess said...

What a charming house, love the mood and decor!
Cleaning with a partner, how delicious, better than a date night in my humble opinion.

Marjie said... glad you don't have to clean my house, which is still big enough for a family of 11(even though there are only 4 of us left full time). I love your decor!