Thursday, June 8, 2017

Let it be (bear)

I'm still working at my friend's office 3 days a week.  It's going well so far, not taking too much time away from the business.  Most of the time, anyway.  I need to get better organized and also not spend so much time watching the repeating car wreck of the news.

Last week I made a bear for a coworker. Her son is turning 13 and she just found his baby blanket.  It's a John Lennon design, not something I'd run across before.

It perfectly matched some blue cotton from the doll stash, so I used that for contrast, embroidered his name and birth date on the legs -- have I mentioned how much I love my embroidery machine? -- and carried him back to work for photos and delivery.

I may not like spending time in an office but you can't fault the view.


Sharon L said...

I bought the entire crib/bath set for my grandson 17 years ago (everything was donated years ago which made me sick when I found out). I believe the characters were from sketches he drew for his son.

Kris C. said...

Awww...Thing 1 had a blanket and a bouncy seat with the John Lennon prints on it. I didn't pick them - they were gifts - but I thought they were adorable.