Friday, May 18, 2018

Small town

Random rainbow on our street
Turns out we moved to Bedford Falls.

The more we walk around this town, the more I'm sure of it.  There was a town-wide yard sale last Saturday, and this week is the Free Fair, which is where everyone brings all the leftovers from their yard sales down to the "landing", which is more or less the town square, lays it out and everyone can pick through it and take it home.  For free.  Whatever's left gets boxed up and dropped off at either a shelter or the local thrift store, depending.

In June, there's an ice cream social in honor of the town's 125th anniversary.

Nearby park
There's a Fourth of July parade, and fireworks at the high school field.

There's a thriving farmer's market and arts scene.

There's a big sycamore tree, with its own park, that serves as the town's logo.

Santa arrives on a fire engine on the weekend after Thanksgiving, depending on fire calls.  Last year his arrival got interrupted by a call and he had to continue on later in the day..

Presbyterian church - with bells
There are also, weirdly, blue laws.  There are no liquor stores in town.  No bars.  No restaurants that serve alcohol.

It's odd, but considering one of the reasons I was tired of West Philly was because of my two competing corner bars, I can live with it.  We do most of our drinking at home these days, anyway.

Memorial at the church
Technically, Lansdowne is a suburb of Philadelphia.  It's about 5 miles from our old house, with a stop on the regional rail train, but it feels more like a small town than a suburb.  Mario grew up in the suburbs in New Jersey, and he agrees.

I never wanted to live in the burbs; I loved the idea of a small town, but as a non-driver, that didn't seem possible.  Now, here we are, in a small town in the burbs, where I can walk almost everywhere.

We did good.

My favorite house that I don't live in

Another park

Corner maple and bench

 Looking down our street


patsijean said...

What a lovely town. You are very fortunate.

Vicki said...

Sounds perfect!

Catherine said...

Such a pretty little town. Sounds like the perfect antidote to a big city but still have all its amenities.

giannahorse said...

It is such a walkable town. Have lived in Lansdowne many times - loved it. Taking my nephew to Jamey's House of Music for the Sunday Blues brunch - have been there before - the music is excellent + the brunch is delicious. I enjoy it being a dry town - there are other towns close by if you need establishments w/liquor. They sycamore tree is amazing and a legend. Enjoy your time in our small town within the 'burbs!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog by accident and binge-read it over a weekend. Please keep up the good work. It's a pleasure to read about your activities, and it's a pleasure to read your writing. I wish you would post more frequently, but I also understand that blogging more often would prevent you from doing the things that make your blog so interesting. I've never been to Philadelphia and vicinity but visiting is a decades-long bucket list item. Anonymous in Toronto.