Thursday, June 21, 2018

Garden Progress

We've had a LOT of rain in the last month. A lot.  Like the amounts of rain where the ground squelches like a sponge for the next day kind of rain.

But it's been good for the garden, and because I haven't gotten the rain barrel set up yet - because I haven't gotten the stupid shrub stump out of the back yard yet - it's enabled me to put aside a good bit of water for the times when it hasn't rained.

For your consideration, two photos of the tomato beds:

May 6 - a day after planting

June 19 - after much rain and enough sun
 Also, the blueberries are coming along pretty well.  The progress varies - for some reason, the bush in the back of the yard (pictured) is growing like crazy, and as they progress toward the house, their growth is less. 

Nature is weird.  They'll catch up.

But the berries are turning blue, and I got spikes and netting in the ground last weekend so that the berries are protected from the birds and squirrels as they're ripening.  And the birds and squirrels are interested. 

I have issues with squirrels.  More on that soon. 

Happy summer!


Retired Knitter said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I had to laugh about the fact that birds are eating the blueberries. In my old neighborhood, raspberries grew wild in various areas. The land may have been farm land before it was developed land and the developer didn't disturb any of the growth around the neighborhood except exactly where they were building (which is rare.) When we moved in I noticed neighbors out picking berries. The next year I made note of when to check the bushes and I picked them too. Then, the next year, when I checked ALL the berries were gone. I mean ALL. I discovered if you weren't right on time, the birds got them all.

Summer Flies said...

Oh to have blueberries in the yard! The tomatoes are going crazy... you'll be eating them soon enough. We have possums eating all the pawpaws (or anything else that's going) and I suppose they are similar problem to the squirrels.

edj3 said...

I'm with you on the squirrels. They're so destructive.