Sunday, July 21, 2019

Early harvests

The garden is coming along well.

We've alternated biblical rain storms with 90 degree weather, and the vegetables, especially the tomatoes and peppers, really seem to appreciate it.

This is today's harvest. The tomatoes are Juliets, smaller than plum tomatoes, which don't work well here - they tend to get blossom end rot, and I've just given up on them. The darker green peppers are chipotle, and the lighter green are Padron, a Spanish variety we loved in Barcelona and which I grow evert year.

This is what happens to them.

It's a very simple preparation, they just get blistered in hot olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt, thrown on a plate very briefly and then swallowed whole.



Anonymous said...

Blosom end rot is said to caused by a calcium deficiency. Try planting some eggshells with your tomato plants.

JAG said...

I love Juliet tomatoes. I just bought a whole flat of them at the Farmers' Market. I cut them in half and roast them with a little olive oil and salt in the oven. Then pack them into glass jars and freeze. So good! I often use them in place of regular canned tomatoes. More skin, but often that doesn't matter to me.

Nancy K said...

Beautiful bounty.

Anonymous said...

When I see blossom end rot I put some lime under the tomato plants and it goes away again. But varieties differ in succeptibility.