Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Annie sends greetings

Annie is still ticking along, enormous tumor notwithstanding.

I didn't think she would still be with us at this point of the summer. The heat has taken it out of her a bit, but then again, she's 18, and there's a good chance that would happen anyway. (My old vet did say old age might carry her off before the cancer got her, and he may be right in the end).

We were thinking about a trip this fall, but we're holding off. I'd feel terrible if something happened while we were gone, not only for Annie, but our pet sitting neighbor as well. No one signs up for that.


golden star said...

Holding all in the Light.

giannahorse said...

Hang in there Annie. My cat Natasha lived to be 21.
On another note - I am trying to find out about the green dress + if you rec'd my Paypal payment. I had sent an email but you didn't respond.

Janet C.

Pattyskypants said...

Love her up while you can!