Friday, December 27, 2019

Santa Claus came to town

In addition to my previous holiday round-up, I wanted to mention Santa.

Lansdowne has a lot of old time holiday habits - fireworks, parades, etc. - but my favorite is Santa on the fire engine.

Growing up as the daughter of a firefighter, Santa always arrived on a fire engine. Or a ladder truck.

Here, he comes in the back of the fire company's pickup, preceded by the ladder and the engine, both with sirens wailing. East side of town in the morning, west side of town in the afternoon. As of today, all sides of town are still covered in the candy canes Santa threw to everyone who came out of their house to wavebat him.

Now Christmas is over.


patsijean said...

I love it!

Vicki M said...

Great improvisation with the wreath. I have 3 weeks off work and have both of my daughters home (one from interstate and the other back from Berlin). It is hot here in Australia and we all sat under a tree at my brothers house and had salads and sparkling wine :)

bbarna said...

Lovely wreath! We don't decorate, just make the rounds to the adult children and their families. We bring gifts and homemade goodies. We have snow and mildly cold weather, so I like to spend time in the sewing room. Give it a tidy up and start something new.
Best of luck with the writing in the new year!

Pattyskypants said...

When I was little we lived in Manhattan, so my first encounter with Santa was at Macy's on 34th Street . . . standing in line for what seemed like months! When I finally got to sit on his lap, I asked for books. He asked me why I didn't want a doll. I just stared at him. End of Santa for me! But then later when we moved to the 'burbs we did have a Santa who rode around on a Fire Engine on xmas eve. I didn't "believe" but I thought it was very, very cool and fun!