Thursday, February 6, 2020

Quick, get my smelling salts!

Well, this was a lovely treat to wake up to this morning. Mary Anne Yarde, a historical fiction author and book blogger, reviewed Songbird on her blog this morning, and I haven't completely come down to earth yet.

My favorite bit:

"There are many great Historical Fiction books based on the Tudor era, but Songbird by Karen Heenan is something not only extraordinary but also unique. It is witty and inspired and so incredibly vivid. I loved every word, every sentence. It is a book that deserves to be read over and over again. Songbird is a vastly entertaining read and absolutely impossible to put down. It is tense, and it is powerful — a real treat."

I'm going to go and lie down until the swelling in my head subsides. If you want to read the entire review, it's here.


Anonymous said...

How lovely, and what a beautifully written review of a beautiful book.



Vicki M said...

Congratulations, how exciting. I have to admit I haven't put your book on my to read list as I am not a fan of the Tudor period. Perhaps I had better get over that!! :)

Karen said...

Vicki - tastes vary, but the nice thing with Amazon is that you can read the first chapter as a sample download. I've done that with a ton of books, to make sure that they're going to hold my attention before I lay out money. Fingers crossed I passed the test!

Nancy K said...