Thursday, April 15, 2021

Good News


We had our second shots on April 1, and now, two weeks out, we're considered to be fully vaccinated.

That doesn't mean we can hop in the car and drive to NJ to hug Mario's mom - vaccinated or not, her nursing home has rules about those things - but maybe if we're outside we can at least stealthily pat her without worrying about getting her sick.

We're also going to get together soon with a few friends who've also been vaccinated. Honestly, I feel like asking everyone I meet for their papers right now before I'm comfortable enough to sit down and take off my mask.

Speaking of masks, I know we all got tired of wearing them, but is it just me, or did almost everyone seem healthier over the last year, other than Covid? I didn't have a cold, the flu, my semi-regular bronchitis, or any allergies. It's enough to make you understand why they're effective.

It also feels like progress. I admit to getting a bit weepy when I got my second shot, and not from any kind of pain. It really feels like we're coming to a point in this long, hard road where we can actually see an end that's not a mirage.


Anonymous said...

You are right
The flu rate for 2020-2021 was the lowest since they started keeping statistics according to a couple articles I read....(There is a good one on 3/25/21)
It's enough to make me believe in masks as a potential ongoing fashion statement in flu seasons to come

Moosiemoose said...

I agree. Annoying as the masks are, they have served their purpose. I have had both my shots and I will be seeing both my sisters on Saturday, one for the first time since August. They both have had their shots. And oh yes, there will be hugging involved. But we will keep our masks on.